Case study: Servicetool for Hybricon

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Case studies


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Growth Company 2016-certificate to TKE

Kasvuyritys 2016 - TK Engineering

Finland's largest economic Journal Kauppalehti has granted TK Engineering Oy prestigious "Growth Company 2016" Certificate.

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Compensated inclinometer for boom angle measurements

Compensated inclinometer

Inclinometers are commonly used for boom angle measurements, when it shall be possible to add sensing into existing systems and when there are not too high accuracy demands. Dynamic conditions lead into corrupted angle values with the traditional, uncompensated inclinometers. Typical target systems are various excavators and cranes.

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New programmable CAN / CAN FD interface and datalogger is ideal for troubleshooting CAN networks

New programmable CAN / CAN FD interface and datalogger

Kvaser AB has introduced a dual channel high-speed CAN to USB interface and datalogger that allows users to monitor and log data from two CAN / CAN FD channels. Advanced features of the Memorator Pro 2xHS v2 (00819-9) include message filtering, triggers, error detection and generation, silent mode, plus an internal battery to handle short periods of power loss during logging. 

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Compiled apps - Rapid Application Development (RAD)

ViCANdo compiled apps

Following the latest release in ViCANdo 2.0 it is currently possible to build your own apps for network connected functionalities in ViCANdo

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Electric roads – The future of transportation

Electrical road test truck

TKE is involved in a project to electrify roads for the future

In the future many of the vehicles on our roads will be driven by electricity. 
TKE is pleased to announce that we are involved in a project where the road will have an electrical rail to charge different vehicles that are using the road.

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New Kvaser USB to CAN/CAN FD interfaces

Kvaser USBcan Ligth 4xHS

Kvaser has just upgraded it's USB offerings with four new interfaces.

Features include high grade performance, more channels, CAN FD compatibility, and, of course, the sleek ergonomic design that Kvaser is known for.

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Sponsor of Metropolia Motorsport

Metropolia Motorsport Formula Engineering

Metropolia Motorsport Ry is a student driven association that designs and builds each year a formula-type racing car.

The team works under Metropolia Highschool and use the schools facitilities. 
The racing team is cooperating with both domestic, and foreign companies.

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