There is always a solution – we CAN

We are top expert in CAN technology, TK Engineering works together with the market leaders of various industries. The core of our expertise lies in the design and planning of CAN hardware and software and in combining them with various technological systems.

Together with our partners, we also offer software tools for the design, configuration, analysis and monitoring of CAN-based networks. We develop long-lasting and new kinds of solutions based on the CAN technology for our company and our customers, and these solutions raise the products and services to the next level.

TK Engineering and its business activities have arisen from people, ideas and the need to create something new. We have a group of employees, partners and customers around us who are genuinely interested in ways to bring about development and solutions.

20 Years of CAN

“When our customer is basking in the limelight, we know we have succeeded.
We have climbed high and seen a great deal – that’s why we want to see more.”

Member of CiA CAN in Automation

Since 2006 active member CiA CAN in Automation. TK Engineering has been member from the very beginning and has been active association committees contributing to important grassroots work. We look forward to many more years as a further member of CAN in Automation.

Member of FIMA Forum for Intelligent Machines

TKE proud partner of FIMA Forum for Intelligent Machines. FIMA acts as a hub for manufacturers, companies, integrators, and research institutions in the mobile work machine sector to work together on creating smart automation solutions that meet the specific requirements of the industry.

SIX Mobile Work Machines Solution Partner

We are part of Finnish SIX Future mobile machine cluster to share views on the future mobile machine builders and technology developers

Member of Kvaser Technical Associate

TK Engineering works as Technical Associate with Kvaser hardwares to offer a complete CAN solutions. Combining Kvaser hardware with TKE’s software creates a powerful, tailored solution for your application and market.

Kvaser’s qualified Sales partner

We have more than 20 years of experience with the Kvaser family of products and offer software designed to support Kvaser interfaces from the start

Kasvu Open

Kasvu Open programmes are designed for (SME) companies with a hunger for growth. Program encourages companies to look at things from different perspectives and generate new insights to support the company’s growth