Internet of Everything by TKE

Works Everywhere

IoE works on land, at sea, in the air and below ground.

No Secrets

You own the data. We bring it to you in the correct form.


Quick and secure bus integration for mobile machines.

Internet of Everything by TKE

TK Engineering’s IoE thinking combines active and passive machines, as well as people and their actions.

IoE by TKE collects information about mobile machines, passive devices, manuals, configurations, users and their observations. IoE by TKE enables quick data retrieval between different user group levels.

TKE’s method of data retrieval and transfer is safe, efficient, quick and occurs in real time. When the time spent on seeking information manually is reduced, this frees time for other things and reduces human errors. In a well-planned and safe system, information travels and can be accessed precisely by the users who are entitled to it.

We offer top-quality expertise in design data management and design processes, based on several years of practical experience in various industries all around the world. Our knowledge of practical work is supported by our strong theoretical competence. Our experience has brought our company know-how that already allows us to save you time on day one of the planning process.

IoE by TKE also enables heavy-duty data security in extreme conditions

TKE has developed integration based on linking data which makes quick and real-time data transfer possible on all kinds of devices. Our system brings the greatest benefits to the administrators and users of mobile machines who require a secure, quick, time-stamped system that is licensed for various user levels.

A special advantage of the system is its sturdy multi-stage confirmation of data security which is directed at every transaction. Real-time data can be accessed quickly from behind a protected hyperlink. Wireless data transfer can also be achieved using 2G connections, which allows the system to be used even in extreme conditions.

Modern dashboard for efficient operation and information management

The collected data is filtered into the correct form, after which it can be followed up in real time and used to make reports, visual illustrations or analyses for sales, customers or users. The browser-based system is easy to use thanks to the simple graphical user interface. This helps minimize human error and makes using the system much faster

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