Softing Profibus OPC Server

Product code: Softing Profibus OPC-PB

The Easy Way to Read and Write Data in PROFIBUS Devices

The PROFIBUS OPC Server gives you fast and easy access to PROFIBUS DP and PA devices from any manufacturer. It provides a high performance and is yet very easy to use. An integrated configurator assists you in setting up PROFIBUS DP-V0 and DP-V1 networks and helps you cut time and cost.

Powerful Visualization

The PROFIBUS OPC Server gives your visualization applications, such as Citect, iFix, InTouch, RSView, WinCC, etc., and any OPC client application very easy and yet efficient access to the data on PROFIBUS devices. The OPC server supports both cyclic process data exchange and acyclic access to configuration and diagnostic data.

Easy Commissioning

By actively scanning the entire PROFIBUS address space, the Softing configurator detects all the devices connected to a network and automatically generates a network topology. It automatically assigns the device descriptions (GSD files) to the detected devices and installs them along with the OPC server. If additional GSD files are required, you can add them to the installation directory. The configurator automatically creates the OPC server namespace by importing all relevant information from the GSD files. This saves you the tedious task of manually entering the configuration data.

Extensive Diagnostic Options Using Standard Web Browsers

The PROFIBUS OPC Server also includes a web server with extensive diagnostic options and visualization functionality, giving you remote access through standard web browsers. The web server supports the OPC Data Access specifications and OPC XML-DA. This way, you can also use the OPC items on systems running non-Windows platforms. The integrated OPC Tunnel provides stable communications in distributed systems without struggling with DCOM settings – even across firewalls.

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