Softing dataFEED OPC Tunnel

Product code: Softing dataFEED uaGate

OPC Tunnel Functionality Supporting Simple and Secure OPC Classic Communication

The dataFEED OPC Tunnel is a component of the Softing dataFEED OPC Suite and eliminates DCOM configuration problems that can arise in OPC Classic communication between different computer platforms. At the same time, it ensures a robust and reliable high-performance data exchange also across network boundaries.

No Need for DCOM Configuration

  • Easy industrial communication by avoiding DCOM and itscomplex security settings on the OPC Server and OPC Clientside
  • Time-saving configuration of OPC Classic communicationacross networks

Compliance with Computer and Network Security Policies

  • Secure communication across firewalls
  • Minimum requirements on configuration of PCs used innetwork
  • Compliance with corporate security policies for firewalls

Data Buffering on Detection of Broken Connection

  • Protection against data loss by automatic local data buffering on detection of broken connection to OPC Client
  • Second-by-second monitoring of OPC Classic communication
  • Automatic re-establishment of OPC connection andtransmission of locally buffered OPC data
  • Improved OPC communication behavior

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From Softing homepage you can download a trial version of Softing dataFEED OPC Tunnel

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Product specifications

Demo version
Full dataFEED OPC Suite, access to up to 10 OPC Servers and up to 250 OPC Items as well as up to 10 dataFEED OPC Tunnel connections, time limited to 72 hours

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