Case study: Servicetool for Hybricon

TKE OY, specialized in CAN-technology, has supplied a Servicetool to Hybricon Bus Systems, Sweden who develops and manufactures the world’s most energy-efficient, clean and quiet system for public transport buses with an aim of delivering complete systems for electric public transportation in cities.

Electric Buses

Hybricons electric buses are controlled with several ECUs steering the electrical motors, batterypacks and charging. These ECUs are using CAN as communication protocol. The Servicetool in PC was supposed to communicate via CAN to these ECUs so TKE used Kvasers CAN to USB-interface to connect the service computer to the bus communication system.

Servicetool in computer

A Windows-application was developed from a SDK offered by Zuragon´s ViCANdo. ViCANdo is a suite of products that covers algorithm development, through simulation and code generation to, HIL, SIL, LAB tests to road tests and full vehicle road validation. The Graphical User Interface for the servicetool was designed and implemented with Qt software development framework. 

Servicetool main features

Fault codes - a.k.a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code in SAE J1939), can be displayed in the human readable text in the service tool. Both active faults and historical faults can be accessed. The fault codes include SPN (Suspect Parameter Number) for the failed parameter, OC (Occurrence Count) and FMI (Failure Mode Identifier) which indicates how it has failed.  

Service parameters - The service tool supports read- and write- access of the service parameters of the ECUs. The physical values, maximum, minimum, unit of the parameters are all available in the tool.

Software update - The service tool allows the service engineer to update the firmware/software of the selected ECU by just a few mouse clicks.


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