Cable Tester Ethernet Diagnostics PROFInet



Softing busCHECK Analyzer IE

Troubleshooting and acceptance testing for Industrial Ethernet networks

busCHECK Analyzer IE is a software product for mobile diagnostics of Industrial Ethernet networks, in particular PROFINET

Softing Industrial Ethernet Tester BC-200-ETH

Easy-to-use Hand-held Tester for Universal Ethernet Diagnostics

The Industrial Ethernet Tester BC-200-ETH is an industrial-strength troubleshooting instrument for cable testing, network and data analysis, and bandwidth assessment of Ethernet networks. It is an ideal tool for commissioning staff, system integrators and maintenance engineers.

Softing NetXpert 1400 IE

Industrial Ethernet Qualifier with Network Diagnostic Tool

NetXpert 1400 IE provides a complete solution for cable testing, performance analysis and troubleshooting of Industrial Ethernet networks, enabling rapid, simple verification and documentation of the capability of cabling links with RJ45 and M12 connectors.

Softing TH Link PROFINET

PROFINET Diagnostics and Access for Plant Asset Management Applications

TH LINK PROFINET provides controller-independent access to PROFINET networks for plant operation and maintenance staff. The diagnostic data is collected in networks comprising up to 254 nodes, and made available to users through the TH SCOPE software application. TH LINK PROFINET is easy to use and can be integrated without interfering with the operation of existing installations.

Softing WireXpert 500 IE

Industrial Ethernet Cable Certifier

WireXpert 500 IE is the ideal measurement tool for the certification of Industrial Ethernet network cabling up to 500 MHz. With its RJ45 and M12 D-coded connection kits, it supports the most widely used industrial connector types. The big touchscreen and the simple GUI make it easy and fast to use.