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Softing dataFEED uaGate SI

Embedded OPC UA Server Gateway for Siemens PLCs

Embedded OPC UA Server Gateway for Siemens PLCs dataFEED uaGate SI is a gateway to Siemens PLCs that can be integrated into new or existing plants and provides OPC UA Server functionality. It allows the implementation of easy and secure data connectivity with higher-level management systems, such as ERP, MES or SCADA. dataFEED uaGate SI combines a compact size with industry-proven hardware.

Softing mobiLink Interface

Mobile Commissioning and Maintenance Interface for Field Devices

mobiLink is a handheld battery-powered mobile interface providing an intrinsically safe HART or FOUNDATION Fieldbus / PROFIBUS-PA and a Bluetooth or USB interface. This device may be used in hazardous areas to configure and manage field devices. It may be connected to certified intrinsically safe fieldbus circuits during operation.

Softing PBpro ETH

Remote PROFIBUS Interfaces for Use as Master or Slave

Product code: DEL-NN-012311 (single channel)

PBpro ETH is a family of interfaces for remote access to one, two, three or four PROFIBUS segments via Ethernet for device parameterization, controller programming and data acquisition. On the PC the remote interface acts like a local PROFIBUS board.

Softing PBpro USB

Universal PROFIBUS Interface with USB High Speed

High performance PROFIBUS USB interface for a wide variety of tasks from network configuration and device parameterization to plant maintenance and production data acquisition.

Softing Profibus Monitor

The PROFIBUS Monitor is an "inspector" for the continuous monitoring of the data communication on PROFIBUS DP

 In case the tool detects critical changes that could result in a future network failure it automatically generates a notification that maintenance action is required.

Softing PROFIBUS Tester 5

Softing Profibus Tester 5

Quick and Easy Testing of Profibus Physics, Bus Communication and Cabling
The PROFIBUS Tester 5 BC-700-PB is a powerful diagnostic and troubleshooting tool for testing the cables, measuring the signals and analyzing the communication of PROFIBUS networks. It is battery-powered and provides a graphical display, allowing for quick results when working in standalone mode. In addition, the PROFIBUS Tester 5 BC-700-PB supports the export of test results for advanced analysis.

Softing TH Link Profibus

PROFIBUS Diagnostics and Access for Plant Asset Management Applications

TH LINK PROFIBUS provides controller-independent access to PROFIBUS networks for plant operation and maintenance staff. The tool supports both network diagnostics applications and plant asset management applications.