Product code: vicando-basic

ADAS system for network and video analysis

ViCANdo is an easy to use ADAS systems test and simulation environment that includes Ethernet, FlexRay, CAN, LIN, MOST as communication busses, as well as Video and sound analysis built for daily use for the test engineers demanding environment. ViCANdo also easily integrates to measure other physical data as temperature, voltage, current and so forth. From the first day of development or Hardware, Software and Algorithms ViCANdo supports the various steps in the development process with appropriate and comprehensive coverage of the user scenarios. ViCANdo also allows connection of biosensors, such as pupil control, face and heart rate monitoring, to be able to follow the behavior and condition of the driver.

As ViCANdo has an open SDK it allows the creation of custom interfaces and sources, but also enables the use of the Algorithms under development as a high performance part of ViCANdo itself, executed with very high performance.


Compiled apps - Internet of Things and Rapid Development (RAD)

Following the latest release in ViCANdo 2.0 it is currently possible to build your own apps for network connected functionalities in ViCANdo

The project is developed, designed and debugged in ViCANdo and compiled for the various targets.
Currently supported is Windows 7-10, Android 4.1 and later, Linux/Ubuntu.


Targeted use cases are:

  • Development of embedded display units for automotive and machines with displays and networks
  • After market applications for diagnostics and reflash of ECU´s
  • Work shop applications
  • Node simulation
  • System Simulation
  • Test applications


By making a video recording of a tentative test run, the video recording can work as a reference while taking the first steps in developing the algorithms to detect other vehicles, pedestrians or lanes. The missing parts of the network can also be simulated by using ViCANdo´s internal virtual Busses, minimizing the hardware hassle and investment in the early phases. Whilst the project becomes more mature, real hardware can be added as when judged appropriate. Either COST hardware or your own project hardware as an added “source” to ViCANdo´s out of the box COTS hardware libraries. Sensor signals are also easy to simulate on ViCANdo´s built in virtual bus.

Tuning and verification

When having the first prototype systems 100ds of parameters might influence the outcome. As ViCANdo has built in Algorithms for vehicle and lane detection, ViCANdo can compare the first outcomes by adding the output signals from a prototype ECU to an overlay in the Video window and compare the computed sensor data in real time, using an ordinary web cam. It is also possible to calibrate a camera for ViCANdo to be able to measure distances to objects down to centimeter precision.


ViCANdo is very intuitive and contains what you can expect from a professional analysis product. Various windows can be set up in an easy to overview the measurement set up. Each channel can be configured individually and assigned to an appropriate window or combined at will in one window only. Log files can be replayed and analyzed in viCANdo or other state of the art tools in off line or on line mode. Book marks, trigger and filters are easily added from the default libraries using databases to decode bus traffic when appropriate. As position and sound are recorded simultaneously it also enables features like voice logs and possibility to trace to certain positions in a measurement. ViCANdo has a very powerful built in post analysis engine searching even big log files (>10GB) in seconds. If that is not enough the built in scripting language enables to narrow the search criteria even further.

Fleet testing

ViCANdo´s extension ViCANdroid allows a multiplication of number of test points to i.e. fleets, to a reduced cost. ViCANdroid integrates with ViCANdo for triggers, scripts, events and log files, enabling a set up and debug of the project in a PC environment, later on empowering a Android unit to execute the measurement in the vehicle. ViCANdroid also has a server connection that enables immediate transmission of log files to server for analysis of the log files.


  • Active Safety System (ADAS) development and testing
  • Multimedia Analysis and testing
  • Network anaysis and testing
  • Fleet test of development fleets. Especially powerful when looking for rarely occurring errors.
  • Diagnostics services development and testing
  • Restbus Simulation
  • Stimulation of fault cases
  • Advanced data mining in BIG data files


  • ViCANdo uses COTS hardware as well as real ECU project hardware
  • Easy to use for daily tasks and designed to enhance efficiency
  • All Sources in one tool/one log file/one place for post analysis
  • Enhance existing equipment and reduce equipment costs for production solutions
  • Control the driving conditions and scenario in detail
  • Enables possibilities to multiply the test sessions
  • Enables to run test of different sensors configuration easily
  • Enables to try out algorithms for dangerous situations in desk top environment
  • Enables possibility to run algorithms as binaries. Protecting your IPR
  • Extendable and powerful API´s and SDK´s giving full power for edge development

Video presenting ViCANdo

ViCANdo Manual



Additional info

Product specification:

  • Up to 16 CAN channels in simultaneous use. Time stamping of CAN messages with 10u Sec precision
  • ​Up to 8 video channels in simultaneous use. Time resolution on Video Channels with 25-100 Frames/Sec
  • Up to 8 LIN channel in simultaneous use. Time stamping resolution of 10u Sec precision.
  • Upto 8 FlexRay channels
  • Upto 8 Ethernet Channels
  • Time stamping of Video frames with 25-100 samples per second
  • Upto 4 GPS surces
  • Sound sampling with upto 96 kHz sampling frequency
  • GPSD server connection possible
  • Log files available in binary format, TXT format and CSV format
  • Support for industry standard formats such as DBC,LDF,FIBEX,Function catalogue,J1939 NMEA 2000 and so on
  • Supported HW CAN: Kvaser all types, Vector all types, Zuragon, CAN string, Intrepid, Dearborn Group
  • Supported HW LIN: Kvaser all types, Zuragon LIN string
  • Supported HW MOST: MCBuster
  • Supported FlexRay HW: Eberspächer
  • Supported Ethernet HW: Most Ethernet and WIFI HW on the market
  • Supported Video Cams:USB based cameras with support for Direct-X 9.0 or later. Most Ethernet/WIFI cams
  • Supported sound devices: All USB based microphones and built in mikes in web cams
  • Runs on Windows Win 7 or later, Mac OSX, Linux/Ubuntu and Android operating systems
  • Performance requirements of PC: 2 GB RAM or more, Win 7 or later

ViCANdroid product high lights

  • Runs on any Android Tab or Phone with Android OS 4.0 or later
  • Logs up to 4 CAN channels
  • Logs all built in Android sensors
  • Logs position through built in GPS
  • Logs Video and Sound with 10 seconds of pre trigger
  • Possible to trigger log on CAN and other signals, pre and post-triggers

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