Kvaser driver for Android™ device

Product code: Kvaser driver for Android™ 

The Kvaser driver for Android device, enables you to connect Kvaser USB and Wifi interfaces to Android based tablets and smartphones and provides both Java and C/C++ API for making your own CAN Bus applications for Android based devices.

  • Support for Kvaser interfaces 
  • Java API
  • Canlib compatible C/C++ API
  • Wireless connection to the CAN bus using the Kvaser Blackbird WiFi
  • Wired connection using Kvaser USB interfaces, e.g. the Leaf Light or SemiPro

Java API For Rapid Application Development

The drivers native Java API enables quick development of fresh GUI based applications, using the latest coding techniques and provides interoperability with standard Java development environments and libraries.

C/C++ API Lets You Run Legacy CAN Software on Android device

In addition to the native Java API, driver includes a Kvaser Canlib compatible, C/C++ API that lets you use legacy CAN libraries and source code stacks also on the Android™ platform. The C/C++ API is ideal for integrating Kvaser support into Qt based applications which are portable between Linux, Windows and Android™.

CANopen™  on Android based device

CANopen is a CAN Higher Layer Protocol used in industrial automation and off highway vehicles. The driver, with it's Canlib compatible API enables the use of the Kvaser CANopen Stack on Android based platforms and can be used to create a wireless configuration tool or HMI for your CANopen network. 


The Kvaser Android driver has been successfully used in many applications. e.g. Qt based wireless CANopen network configuration tool and  truck driver training application running on Android tablet, e.g. the Scania WICkit – Wireless Instrument Cluster application.

(Photo: Scania)

Evaluation Kit

The evaluation kit is for evaluation purposes. It includes one Kvaser Blackbird v2 and one license and limited support of Kvaser Android driver. It also provides a demo application for customer to quickly setup the CAN - WiFi or USB network. Contact info(at)tke.fi for quote!



Android is a registered trademark of google Inc. CANopen is a registered trademark of CAN in Automation(CiA)

Additional info

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