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TKE is your CAN Expert

We are an Engineering company with long experience in CAN-related projects. Together with our services and products we can help our customers from the initial design and  development to a mature customer product, during the complete lifecycle of that particular customer product.

TKE is the Finnish representative for the market-leading CAN expert Kvaser AB, for the Off-Highway Electronics manufacturer Inter Control and also carry Profibus products from Softing Industrial Automation.

Together with our partners, TKE can offer different software tools for design, configuration, analysis and monitoring of CAN based networks. The partner program includes also many different CAN interface-types for connecting a PC or a PDA to a CAN-bus. A part from these CAN-related products, TKE can offer Mobile control systems and sensors for building a complete control systems for mobile machines.

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Compiled apps - Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Following the latest release in ViCANdo 2.0 it is currently possible to build your own apps for network connected functionalities in ViCANdo The project is developed, designed and debugged in ViCANdo and compiled for the various targets. Currently supported is Windows 7-10, Android 4.1 and later, Linux/Ubuntu.

Electric roads – The future of transportation

In the future many of the vehicles on our roads will be driven by electricity. TKE is pleased to announce that we are involved in a project where the road will have an electrical rail to charge different vehicles that are using the road.

New Kvaser USB to CAN/CAN FD interfaces

Features include high grade performance, more channels, CAN FD compatibility, and, of course, the sleek ergonomic design that Kvaser is known for.

Sponsor of Metropolia Motorsport

The team works under Metropolia Highschool and use the schools facitilities. The racing team is cooperating with both domestic, and foreign companies.