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IoE Solutions

Internet of Everything product platform from TKE

Internet-of-Everything (IoE) covers both Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Internet-of-passive-things, resulting connectivity to any device and any kind of device or person.

There is a need for a holistic approach in the field, because there is no sense for embedding active connectivity into the cheapest and simplest passive devices. TKE has a comprehensive support for IoE related applications and many projects in such area and is focusing deployments based both Internet and private networks with on-premise server frameworks.



Active things

Active things in an IoE solution can be divided in few different parts as described below:

Gateway solutions

Customizable, modular and portable Gateway applications for fieldbus protocols for downstreaming communication. Gateways including local buffer database for coping with uplink communication problems without data losses. Gateways having server specific uplink communication.

Supplemental devices

Supplemental devices which can be connected to TKE IoE platform can be Inertial measurement units, active sensors, I/O, etc.


TKE IoE can be integrated into existing control systems, supplemental sensor networks, using standard protocols like J1939, CANopen, Modbus. In addition to this the IoE platform can be used in protocol implementations.

Passive things

IoT solutions have existed several years and do include earlier mentioned Active things. New in the TKE IoE platform is that we can add also passive things into the IoE platform. Examples of these passive things can be hydraulic hoses, nuts, bolts etc. The IoE platform allows use of mobile devices for on-demand communication. More passive things which can be added are, for instance, QR- of NFC- or Hybrid tags. 

Services for IoE solutions

Thanks to the long experience in design projects of distributed control systems, TKE has an excellent know-how in design information management and design processes. Such experience enables us to help our customers to concentrate on the most advantageous functions of the IoE implementations and integration of IoE frameworks to the other IT systems. Such services are:

Back-end integrations

From design to field

  * User licenses

  * Product and configuration data

  * Production details from component assembly

From field to design

  * Part orders

  * Failure indications

  * Service actions

  * Data accesses

Custom component development

All IoE solutions look different, therefor TKE can help customers in GUI theme customization, Reports and visualization plugins, Feature extensions and so on.


TKE can consult customers in IoE applications in Acquisiting the requirements, Prestudies, Information logistics improvement, Multi-disciplinary system design, Design for service etc.