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Education and Training

TK Engineering offers CAN, CAN FD, CANopen, J1939 and diagnose courses from basic to expert levels

If you have a need to get more knowledge in functionality, programming or troubleshooting we can offer courses for beginner levels to experienced users.
TKE do also offer in-house education that are for your special needs. Languages that we can teach in are English, Finnish, and Swedish.

Available Courses


CAN Basics
CAN Troubleshooting
CAN Alternative topologies


Difference between CAN and CAN FD
CAN FD specific requirements in physical layer - application layer


CANopen Basics
CANopen Programming Basics
CANopen Advanced
CANopen Device profiles
Safety in CANopen
System management process in CANopen


J1939 Basics
J1939 Frame formats
J1939 Physical layers
J1939 Transport layers
Application: J1939 database
Application: J1939 netowrk analyzer
and other...


Education on CAN diagnostics.
Covered topics:
- Termination errors
- Cabling errors
- Connection errors
- Configuration errors
- Topology errors
- and other...


In-House education courses

Custom courses for companies, In-House