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Sensing Network

Sensing Network receives information from a wide array of data sources in the field.  Many machines and devices have a measurement network such as CANopen, J1939, ISOBUS, Modbus or any other automation network. Collected data is, for example, engine hours, cumulative loads, carried tons, alarms etc. Our principle is that we can capitalize the already existing network, and we do not need to establish a new one.

  • No additional systems
  • Utilization of existing system/sensors
  • Reliability & accuracy of data transfer
  • Simple cabling

IoE Gateway

IoE Gateway software is modular and fully configurable. It works with any device, any operating system, any server and any data. IoE gateway performs several critical functions from translating protocols to encrypting, processing, managing and filtering data. Gateway collects and timestamp data from Downlinks and Uplink sends it to the server.

  • Gateway Downlinks: Plug-ins CAN, CANopen, J1939, ModBus etc.
  • Gateway Core: Timestamping & Edge Processing
  • Gateway Uplinks: Integration with existing system, also works without internet

Human as a Sensor

Human as a Sensor (HaaS) utilizes human observations, performed actions and stored facts. HaaS is used in passive devices where full-telematics approach is too expensive or cannot be used. HaaS enables data transmission to become faster, more efficient and more detailed.

  • Real-time on-site reporting
  • Data transparency & extend the scope of data
  • Human errors and unnecessary work steps are removed

Open Platform

Every customer has unique needs and already existing infrastructures and we can integrate IoE capabilities with the already existing systems, as well as with future ones. Our main goal is to provide an open system that does not cause any dependencies or unnecessary restrictions on specific servers or operating systems.

  • Maximum flexibility, efficiency and reliability
  • Long-term continuity for product lifecycle management

Expertise Services

  • Training Services

    We organize precision training for distinct subject areas in order to strengthen and deepen expertise in technology.

  • Consulting

    We combine 20+ years industry knowledge, an understanding of the development curve of technology and a user-oriented approach.

  • Project Management

    We work in close cooperation with the customer to ensure that we get to the true core of the challenge.

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