Human as a Sensor

Human as a Sensor

Human observations help control the big picture. Often the problem is that the findings remain only in the knowledge of individuals or those who are present. IoE by TKE acts as a common, accessible platform for both automatically collected data from different locations and human observations in one place.

The whole is made up of human activities and stored facts

On-site reporting is challenging, because not only do people move on the field, but the equipment and materials there also have a significant impact on the workflow. When all information retrieval and reporting in the field is concentrated on the same platform, information collection is significantly easier. Users’ searches remain in the user history and provide important data about the operations happening in the field.

Icons make it easy for a person to depict any flaws or damage by pressing buttons. Icons already categorize information in the right place, without the need for people to make choices. You can use more informal text or a photo to get more information about the report. The system automatically captures the time and user. If done manually, often, some important information may not be reported.

The role of a human in preventive maintenance is important

Human needs to be involved in proactive maintenance. Devices do not alarm when humans are already sensing the faults. These can be, for example, visible leaks, deviations in machine sounds, etc. When human-made observations are reported, the system immediately moves the information forward and can begin to resolve the problem before it occurs.

Managing field components and equipment

Components are repaired and maintained often. When moving around the field, their logistics can be controlled by defining their role according to their availability. This way, the number, location and availability of the components on the field are known by all. QR codes can also be used to store information about discarded components and prevent them from being used again.

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Human as a Sensor
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