Scania - Android tablet for HGV driver training

Scania has used an Android driver developed by TK Engineering (TKE) and CAN interfaces from Kvaser to develop a user-friendly tablet solution for HGV driver training.

Until the launch of the HGV driver training tablet, Scania’s driver trainers had to perch between the front seats in order to see the instrument panel and determine exactly how the driver was operating the pedals. Whilst being ergonomically awkward, the practice presented a safety risk. “We realised that in worst case our trainers could be injured in a harsh braking situation,” says Magnus Andersson, Product manager at Scania’s E-Business and New Media.

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REMU - Control system for Big Float excavator

TKE OY, specialized in CAN-technology, has supplied a control system for the Big Float 800 dredging excavator of REMU Ltd, which is leading supplier of innovative screening and excavation systems in Europe. This special excavator consists of a basic excavator, where the normal track system is replaced with floating pontoon/track-system. This helps the excavator to float on lakes or sludgy marshes and gives the Big Float excavators unique abilities to reach hard to get places.

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Servicetool for Electrical buses

TKE OY, specialized in CAN-technology, has supplied a Servicetool to Hybricon Bus Systems, Sweden who develops and manufactures the world’s most energy-efficient, clean and quiet system for public transport buses with an aim of delivering complete systems for electric public transportation in cities.

Electric Buses

Hybricons electric buses are controlled with several ECUs steering the electrical motors, batterypacks and charging. These ECUs are using CAN as communication protocol. The Servicetool in PC was supposed to communicate via CAN to these ECUs so TKE used Kvasers CAN to USB-interface to connect the service computer to the bus communication system.

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Lighting sequences of the Olympics rings in Vancouver international airport

TKE supplied electronics for the 2010 Olympic winter games held in Vancouver, Canada. The lighting sequences of the Olympic rings that greet travelers to Vancouver international airport during the year that leads up to the Olympic Games are controlled through 5 TKE WCS-10 CAN-switches. The rings were lit by British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell during festivities March 5, 2009.

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