CANopen Programming Basics

CANopen® programming basics education concentrates on accessing the basic CANopen® services from
application programs.

Main focus is in understanding of the most fundamental CANopen® services managed network start-up, membership monitoring, parameter accesses, exception signaling and process signal updates. All examples and excercises are based on the standard CiA-314 API.

For whom?

CANopen programming basics are primarily recommended for software developers. Basic knowledge may also help automation and control experts as well as engineering management to understand the great benefits of free, open and comprehensively standardized application programming interface (API), instead of proprietary ones.

Recommended background knowledge

Basic knowledge of CANopen® communication services and programming is recommended, but not mandatory. Experience in Python and IEC 61131-3 languages helps, but is not mandatory.


Main focus is in the basic concepts – object dictionary, parameter management concept, NMT-state-machine, exception signaling and process signal transfers. The learning is based on short theory snapshots and a hands-on excercises, where participants can get the first experiences step-by-step. Additional frameworks, interface-, device- and application profiles as well as layer setting services (LSS), flying master and detailed system design issues are intentionally excluded. Recommended further learning System integration process, device profiles, detailed protocols, detailed object dictionary, troubleshooting and CANopen® programming educations.

Additional info

  • Full day education
  • Provides basic understanding of accessing CANopen® communication services
  • Mainly covers the scope of CiA-301 (EN 50325-4)
  • Covers also parts of CiA-302-7 and CiA-314
  • Only basic CANopen and programming knowledge is recommended
  • Open and free Python 2.7 programming language is used in excercises
  • Examples cover both Python 2.7 and IEC 61131-3
  • Demo license for CANopen DLL library is included into education fee
  • Kvaser CAN hardware is required


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