CAN Basics course

CAN basics education concentrates on the basic concepts of both high-speed physical layer and data link layer.

Some details, such as detaild topology issues and CRC performance are intentionally excluded. ISO CAN-FD is included, because it will be released soon. Optionally, low-speed fault-tolerant and single-wire physical layers may be included.

For whom?

CAN-basics are recommended for all technically oriented persons, regardless of the detailed job position. Basic knowledge may also help mechanical, hydraulic and electrical engineers to co-operate with automation experts as well as management and purchasing people to understand the related basic physical laws.

Recommended background knowledge

Basic electrics and electronics understanding is recommended, but not absolutely mandatory. Programming skills are not required.


In physical layer the main topics are physical signal levels, bit encoding, bit timing, synchronization, bit-stuffing and bus access principle. In data link layer the topics include the all different frame structures, arbitration, message acknowledging, error detection and fault confinement services. Also overview of CRC-algorithm and hardware filtering of incoming messages are included.

All application layer protocols and system integration frameworks are intentionally excluded.

Recommended further learning

Application layer protocols and integration frameworks, e.g. CANopen and J1939, CAN troubleshooting and network topology educations.


Additional info

  • Full day education
  • Provides basic understanding of data transfers over CAN networks
  • Covers mainly the scope of ISO 11898 parts 1, 2 and 3
  • Also covers truck/trailer physical layer ISO 11992-1 and SAE J2411 single-wire physical layer
  • ISO CAN FD is included
  • Only basic electrics and electronics knowledge are recommended
  • Provides a good basic knowledge for further learning
  • No programming issues included
  • Application layer protocols and system integration frameworks covered by supplementary educations

Interested in CAN Basics course?

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