TKE XY-CAN-EFS Inclinometer

Product code: TKE XY-CAN-EFS

Three-axis inclinometer sensor with CANopen protocol

The sensor can be used for measuring the lateral (X), longitudinal (Y) and vertical (Z) angle with respect to gravity. It can also simultaneously operate as a 360° (H) sensor in XY plane. Inclination measurings are based on the high accuracy accelerometer IC.

The XY-CAN-EFS has an IP67 rated housing made from acid proof steel and the electronics is encapsulated in a durable epoxy. XY-CAN-EFS is equipped with two M12-connectors for CAN and Power. The pinout in M12 connectors is according to CANopen standard. Communication-protocol with control systems is CANopen, according to CiA DS301 and the sensor follows Inclinometer device profile CiA DSP410.

Typical applications

Typical applications for XY-CAN-EFS are in mining machines and excavators boom-control, in snow-removal machines controlling the blades etc. Obviously this sensor can be used in several other mobile machines where accurate inclination measurement is necessary.

Tilt angles of XY-CAN-EFS

The picture below represents sensor angles X, Y, Z and H by using default parameters.


Additional info

Product specification

  • 3-axis measuring for XYZ inclination
  • Precise measuring range ±60°, Measures inclination up to ±90°
  • The cover upwards or downwards at XY null position
  • Precise measuring range ±180°
  • Sensor measures a full 360° of orientation at the same time
  • Rotation axis towards the cover
  • Connectors downwards at null position
  • Accuracy better than ±0.2°, typically below ±0.1°
  • Actual reading resolution up to 0.01°
  • Temperature compensated measuring
  • Filtered measuring, adjustable time constant ~0.5s...~2.1s
  • Nearly immune to vibration
  • Two M12 connectors for CAN-bus IN/OUT
  • Standard CANopen connector pin-out
  • CAN-bus interface (ISO11898) Baudrate up to 1Mbit/s
  • CANopen according to CiA DS 301 V4.02
  • Inclinometer device profile DSP 410 V1.1
  • Supports Layer Setting Services DSP 305 V2.0
  • Operating voltage 9…30V DC
  • Operating temperature range -40°C…+80°C
  • Acid proof steel housing
  • Weight ~330g
  • Protection class IP 67

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