CJVD-10 CANopen AMP Junior Power Timer (JPT) valve driver

A new approach to integrate existing hydraulic valves with CANopen®-network.

This unit gives a very cost efficient CANopen® interface individually for each coil. Thanks to it's design it can be mounted to most valves on the market.

Operational modes

The CJVD-10 valve driver has got three different operational modes:

  • On-off
  • Positive direction open-loop PWM
  • Negative direction open-loop PWM

Current monitoring is active in all operating modes.

CANopen® interface

The physical CAN interface in the CJVD-10 valve driver is according to ISO11898-2 High-speed CAN physical layer. Cost-optimised CANopen® interface is according to the following standards:

  • CiA® DSP 301 version 4.1.1
  • CiA® DR 303-1 version 1.4
  • CiA® WD 401 version 2.1.9


CJVD-10 valve driver has got open end cables, alternatively Bosch Compact style connectors for power supply and CAN.
Valve coil connector is 2-pole AMP Junior Power Timer.

Some features of CJVD-10 valve driver

  • Power from the CAN-bus
  • Compact dimensions 77 x 37 x 28 mm
  • Meets CiA301, CiA 303-1 and CiA 401
  • RPDO timeout monitoring
  • Automatic output shutdown on RPDO timeout
  • Automatic thermal shutdown of the output

Additional info

Product specifications

  • Junior Power Timer (JPT) connector for coil
  • RPDO timeout monitoring with automatic shutdown on error
  • Supply voltage 7...36 VDC
  • Continuous coil current monitoring in all operating modes
  • Open loop current control
  • Dead band compensation
  • ±4kV contact discharge and - ±8kV HMB air discharge for power supply and CAN
  • Supply Current max. 175mA typ. 75mA
  • Output current max. 2 A (possibility to get up to 4 A in on/off mode)
  • Operating temperature -40°C…+85°C
  • Environmental protection IP65+
  • CAN baud rate 125k/250k/500k/800k/1M
  • CAN voltage tolerance up to ±36VDC

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