Kvaser BlackBird SemiPro HS/HS

Product code: EAN 73-30130-00453-5

High performance wireless (WLAN) communication link to the CAN bus. 

The wireless interface offers increased mobility and extended range of coverage for CAN bus networks. Kvaser BlackBird SemiPro is able to function over existing wireless infrastructure or in Ad Hoc mode. The interface has two highspeed channels (HS/HS).

Additional info

Major Features

  • WLAN version 802.11b/g.
  • Encryption: WPA2/WPA/WEP128/WEP64.
  • Accessibility: Public/Private.
  • Provides the functionality of a WLAN and a USB-to-CAN bus interface in a single device.
  • Designed for USB 2.0, backward compliant with USB 1.1.
  • IP67 rated lightweight aluminium housing for protection against dust and moisture.
  • Messages are time-stamped and synchronized with a precision of 25 microsecond.
  • Supports both 11-bit (CAN 2.0A) and 29-bit (CAN 2.0B active) identifiers.
  • Supports silent mode for analyzing tools.
  • Polyurethane cabling for extreme environments.
  • Galvanic isolation of the CAN bus driver stage to protect the hardware.
  • Equipped with a 45 cm (17.7 in.) long CAN cable.
  • Interfaces the CAN bus via 9 pin D-SUB connector.
  • Includes DSUB 15 pin to 2xDSUB 9 pin adapter.
  • Quick and easy Plug-and-Play installation.
  • Operating voltage CAN bus (7 - 40 V DC).

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