Product code: AMU-GEO-360

Compensated Inclinometer and gyroscope - CANopen certified sensor

AMU Geo is an inertial sensor able to measure position and speed of a vehicle in the space. It is provided of a 3-axis solid state accelerometer, gyroscope and compass, in order to get in real time 3 axis geometrical position, 2 axis rotation position of the object where it is installed. It is also provided of an advanced software to compensate shocks, vibrations, thermal shocks and centrifugal acceleration. This allows accuracy lower that 0.5° in dynamic conditions and 0.3° in static conditions, in the whole working range.

Thanks to its wide operative temperature (from -40°C to +80°C) and power supply range,  AMU Geo is suitable for any mobile application in harsh environments.

New AMU-GEO series inclinometers offer better dynamic accuracy by compensations of vibrations, schocks and centrifugal acceleration. Wide operation temperature and supply voltage range makes the sensors optimal for use especially in mobile boom control applications.

Standardized interfaces

AMU series inclinometers are CANopen certified. Basic communication services comply with CiA-301 and CiA-305. Inclinometer specific interface complies with CANopen device profile for inclinometers, CiA-410. Physical layer meets ISO 11898-2 and M12 connector pinout follows CiA-303-1.
Standardized system integration interface enables a simple upgrade of the existing, uncompensated inclinometers.

Dedicated for outdoor use

Wide ambient operating temperature range, IP67 protection class and wide supply voltage range make the inclinometer attractive for mobile industry.



Additional info

COBO - 3B6

Product specification:

- CiA-410 compliant inclinometer profile
- Measurement range from -180º to +180º
- Compensation of vibration and shocks
- Resolution 0,01º, Static accuracy ±0.3º
- Dynamic accuracy of ±0.7º
- Suppress Centrifugal / Linear acceleration by up to 90%
- Supply voltage from 9V to 32V
- Operating temperature range from -40ºC to +70ºC
- Environmental protection IP67
- One or two 5-pin A-coded M12 connectors
- Standard CiA-303-1 pinout

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