COBO AMU-CB 2-Axis Inclinometer

Product code: Cobo AMU-CB 2-axis Inclinometer

CANopen certified sensor with M12 male connector

AMU (Angle Measurement Unit) sensors family is the synthesis of the most 
advanced technologies as regards the use of static accelerometers for 
displacement detection in one or more axis.

Aluminium alloy housing and M12 male connector. IP67.

Two axis Inclinometer, ±60° on each axis

Additional info

COBO - 3B6

Product Specifications:

  • Power supply 9-30Vdc
  • Current supply 50 mA
  • CIA 410 two axis Inclinometer ±60° on each axis
  • Resolution 0,01° default
  • Accuracy ±0,3°
  • Operating temperature range -40° C - +70° C
  • Strorage temperature range -40° C - +85° C
  • Vibration endurance 10G @ 50 Hz
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Weight: ca. 200gr
  • IP67

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