IoE Gateway

High performance & secure data connectivity

IoE Gateway

High performance & secure data connectivity.
Connectivity for Mobile Machines.

IoE Gateway works with any clients, any transmission medium, any server and any data. Our main objective is to build an open platform. IoE Gateway provides data transfer and analytics to improve customer equipment and processes. The data transfer method is secure, efficient, fast and real-time.


Integration with customer
existing system


Data processing


Plug-ins for CAN, CANopen, J1939, OBDII, ModBus RTU, GPS

TKE has developed integration based on linking data which makes quick and real-time data transfer possible on all kinds of devices. System brings the greatest benefits to those who require a secure, quick, time-stamped system that is licensed for various user levels.

IoE Gateway enables data processing, analysis, sharing, storage and transmission, as well as increases process efficiency and improves data transparency.