Any Data

Any data – You own the data

IoE solutions receive information from a wide array of data sources in the field. Data is collected by telematic devices (active things) example engine hours, cumulative loads, carried tons, alarms ect. but also by people (passive things) suchs as bug reports, spare parts, maintenance tasks, documentation reading, etc. We bring the data in correct form meaning that all data should be discoverable, accessible, intelligible, assessable and re-usable. In all our systems, the customer owns the data and is entirely the customer’s own purposes only. We guarantee customer data security for development purposes and we do not pass data to third parties in any circumstances.

We bring the data in correct form

Our IoE data systems offer you to systematically reveal and define significant value creation opportunities that make you a data-driven company. In all our IoE solutions you own the data and our purpose is to bring data to you in the correct form. We offer product documentation for the field in a controlled and targeted manner. To manage all that data comprehensively you need a documentation that connects assistance, instructions, drawings, diagrams, network measurement projects and configuration packages

Linked data

Linked data is method of structured data which interlinked data from different sources making it more intelligent and useful. In TKE, we focus on management of product data of our customers in such a way that data can be easily shared and combined. Instead of searching several individual documents, people or machines can have access to all the information they acquire. We are able to provide links and instant access from the physical world to the data without any effort.

With linked data, various application operations may also be linked to the documents in order to maximize the efficiency of service operations. When different parts of product documentation are linked, navigation gives an opportunity to respond to a human as sensor (HaaS) implementation. Main challenge is that customers may have multiple platforms from different manufacturers, but with the TKE linked data implementation we enable unlimitless navigation between the documentation in real-time. In addition, customer data may also contain further links to linked open data, LOD.