Our main objective is to build an open platform

Openness has long been a central concept for us and our main objective is to build an openness platform for service providers and vendors in an ecosystem that will allow them to get the most long-term value from their data. We develop technology that works with any clients, any transmission medium, any server and any data. Using an open platform (or open source) composer, it always saves time and resources for more productive and valuable work tasks.

Lifecycle management

We think that each customer is an individual and the customer’s needs and infrastructure are different, and we design our products so that they meet even the quality requirements. Core advantages of our IoE solutions is that our solutions do not depend on any transmission medium, any server and any data. This ensures long-term functionality and continuity for product lifecycle management. Openness differentiate IoE by TKE from any other solutions providers.

Openness builds bridges between platforms and people

The full value out of the Internet of Everything lies with integrating new IoE capabilities with existing systems, as well as with future ones. After all, the IoE‘s data-driven solution viability depends on the ability to access relevant data wherever it resides. When any device, from any platform, must be able to connect and communicate with each other, the solution is using an open platform (or open source) composer, that option giving the most flexibility as possible.

Privacy and security

But as devices get more connected and collect more data, privacy and security concerns will increase too. How companies decide to balance customer privacy with this wealth of IoE data will be critical. TKE’s method of data retrieval and transfer is safe, efficient, quick and occurs in real time. IoE by TKE ensures secure data distribution to different groups and makes it possible to manage various user groups safely. In a well-planned and safe system, information travels and can be accessed precisely by the users who are entitled to it.