The role of connected human interactions in IoE

People in the concept of IoE means connecting people in more relevant and valuable ways. The Internet of Everything thinking combines both active and passive machines, as well as people and their actions. It is important to recognize the potential that humans bring to processes and how it can be transferred into more valuable information. Data alone serves no purpose. Humans are a central figure to any economic system in order to make better-informed decisions and take appropriate action. Humans can adapt and generate information based on their own observations.

Typically humans have been understood as end-users for information, but in the concept of IoE people interact as producers when performing on field.  Sometimes it is crucial to collect information about how long it takes or did the task fail or succeed. When human-made observations are reported, the system immediately moves the information forward and problems can be resolved before they occur.

Important artefacts are for example who does, what does, where does or when does.

Digitalization and the human element in digital change

Whether the connections are people-to-people (P2P), machine-to-people (M2P), or machine-to-machine (M2M), all connections, and the data generated from those connections, are used to enhance the value. Humans are an integral part of IoE since no intelligent connection is possible without them. IoE enables accurate and right-timed information and allows businesses to use generated data to refine and re-target their performance. Passive things lead into a very constrained data but people are able to extend the scope of transferred data. This is an important asset to businesses because it helps them react and plan in a constantly changing business landscape. Humans will connect in new and valuable ways.


Humans not only play an essential role in IoE, but they may also become connected themselves. Collaboration in the IoE will make organizations more aware of circumstances by using collaboration technologies organizations will be able to predict, modify and proactively resolve problems and enable efficient decision making to maximize value. Collaboration will find new innovative ways that reveal the true potential of the IoE.

Internet of Everything digitizes the world

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