Spare part logistics

Spare parts logistics

Site conditions are often volatile, and the environment makes on-site work always more expensive, inconvenient, slower and riskier. From a logistics point of view, cost-effectiveness comes from quick reactions, correctly done orders and agile deliveries to the right destinations. IoE by TKE is based on user-friendly and cost-effective operations. As it is made easy to use, it easily becomes a natural way of action.

A well-designed system ensures fast delivery and use of the correct spare parts.

Ordering and shipping the wrong components is not only expensive but also very time consuming. IoE by TKE’s machine-readable data and message transferring logic avoid errors in both ordering and delivering. It is possible to save both costs and time, when the orders are done correctly and the products arrive exactly when they are needed. When the user reads the note on the machine, the system can select the suitable spare part for that device based on the location and position information. This method also allows to control the use of original spare parts.

Cost-effective inventory rotation and management

The mechanical order guides the operator to use primarily the existing warehouses. This allows the circulation of inventory products and makes it efficient and optimized for future needs. The intelligent system can also provide alternative components if the need is urgent. Easy data entry and ordering encourages people to store all kinds of information more easily when handwriting is no longer used. Action saves time, works beyond language barriers, and is not dependent on time zones.

System implementation utilizes existing digital data

The spare part logistics system is easy and quick to implement, because it uses information which is already in digital format. The code can be used to define a host system and installation location by pressing one single button. The code provides access to all relevant information about the installation site. Depending on the contract, the spare part can be ordered directly to the site and the urgency of the shipment can also be determined.

User rights are determined by the Administrator

The system has the ability to create different levels of permissions to read data, place orders, and so on. It is made as easy as possible: the user device is only registered once, after which it will be used without difficult passwords and logins. By making operation easy, there are no barriers for transmitting the information. In this way, both maintenance and management personnel are able to gather information from the field which has not been available before.

We work in close cooperation with the customer to ensure that we get to the true core of the challenge. This helps the customer realise what they truly need, and us to understand what we need to deliver to the customer. Dialogue with the customer often produces new insights and product development. Careful examination also allows us to get rid of overlapping functions or unnecessary features. We can be involved right from the beginning, or as part of a larger system design or the customer’s own development team.