Configuration data

Configuration Information Management

By configuring the same component for different uses and multiple installation locations, the range of components in stock can be significantly reduced. The right parts are obtained when the standard parts are configured on site. Thus, one component can be varied for many different uses. Savings are obtained in both logistics and storage expenses.

One transaction in spare parts management generates significant savings

The installation site information is obtained by reading the machine-readable identifier, which provides the configuration information for that specific location. The received data is downloaded by using an appropriate software, for which the data is forwarded straight from the system. Components may have many different firmwares so the firmware used will be determined by the information received.

Troubleshooting starts as soon as the system reports an error

If an error occurs during the download process, the server environment notifies the user and reports the problem further immediately. Hence, the machine manufacturer will be notified directly, and troubleshooting can be started. The system’s information history helps the machine manufacturer to solve the acute situations and find out the root cause for the problem. When the user data is available from a longer time period, it is easier to determine whether there is a bug in the feed, mistake of the user, or problem with the download package.

Save on logistics costs and use of labor, minimize human errors

Logistics costs can be saved when the focus is on managing a smaller product range in a warehouse. Fast configuration reduces downtime on site. Automatic data transfer also gives more time to on-site people, as the survey work is automatically transferred from the site workers to the experts. For machine manufacturers, speeding up even one transaction can result in significant time savings. When communication is automatic, human error rates are reduced and reporting works evenly, regardless of time and place.