Your CAN Expert

Testing and Debugging

Even though CAN-bus is a robust fieldbus-technology, errors and misbehaving communication can occur. TKE can offer customers CAN traffic analyzing and debugging services. This service is based on CAN physical layer testing where we can help customers with various ways.

Physical layer testing

The physical layer testing can be done at customers site, in-house at TKE or at customers end-customer site. When testing is done, a comprehensive report is generated which always presents also the suggestion for correction. The report layout can also be fitted suiting the customers own report layout in mind.

Physical level testing can be used to test either part of the CAN-network, the entire network/system or just a single node can be analyzed throughout into nodes HW/Electronics.

With physical level testing you can find following errors:

  • Cabling
  • Termination
  • Voltage peaks
  • Grounding errors
  • EMC-problems
  • Topology-errors
  • and more...

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