Your CAN Expert

We will find the right CAN solution for your needs!

TKE is expert in CAN technology with knowledge in both hardware and software 

When you are looking for a partner to improve or create new products and systems, take contact! 
We have the knowledge and have done a wide range of different projects together with well known brands! 
We will find the right solution for you and your customers needs!


In addition to our CAN based products, TKE can provide integrated Engineering and Consulting services as well as Education for CAN, LIN and Mobile Electronics technologies. Our service range covers the entire life cycle of automation systems in industry and mobile machines of different types; trucks, trains, cranes, ships, tractors and equipment in mining industry.


The service range includes

  • Education and Training
  • Research Services
  • Product / Solution Specification
  • Product Development
  • Consulting
  • Software Design
  • Proof of Concept
  • Testing and Analysis
  • Installation