New Kvaser USB to CAN/CAN FD interfaces

Kvaser USBcan Ligth 4xHS

Kvaser has just upgraded it's USB offerings with four new interfaces.

Features include high grade performance, more channels, CAN FD compatibility, and, of course, the sleek ergonomic design that Kvaser is known for.


Using custom software integrations? No problem, Kvaser Universal API ensures you can upgrade to a new product while keeping your existing software tool chain intact.

Upgrading from an older Leaf or USBcan interface? Use Kvaser Migration Guide to quickly find your new interface.

Leaf Pro HS v2

Kvaser Leaf Pro HS V2

This feature-packed evolution of Kvaser famous Leaf CAN to USB interface brings high performance, programmability, and CAN FD to the user's fingertips.

Leaf Pro v2 HS OBDII

Kvaser Leaf Pro HS V2 OBD II

The built-in OBDII connector makes this the perfect high performance USB interface for Automotive CAN applications.

USBcan Pro 2xHS v2

Kvaser USBcan Pro 2xHS

A dual channel CAN or CAN FD to USB interface with scripting capability, time-synced channels, and low latency.

USBcan Light 4xHS

Kvaser USBcan Ligth 4xHS

New to Kvaser’s interface portfolio, this 4-channel device is an easy-to-configure and cost-effective CAN to USB interface.


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