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Metropolia Motorsport Formula Engineering

Metropolia Motorsport Ry is a student driven association that designs and builds each year a formula-type racing car.

The team works under Metropolia Highschool and use the schools facitilities. 
The racing team is cooperating with both domestic, and foreign companies.

The team competes in the global Formula Student class

Persons who participates in team varies from 15 to 20 people.

Metropolia Motorsport started in 2000.

The name was at that moment Stadia Motorsport according to the schools name. The first formula was published in 2002 .. In 2008, the name was changed to the current Metropolia Motorsport. Over the years the team has built a total of 13 cars.

Sponsored by TKE

TK Engineering wants to help new engineers to master the CAN bus. TKE has sponsored the team with our CANtrace tool so they can monitor the CAN bus of the car.
In that way TKE can be a part of the racing team, and help the finnish team to have a great success competing all over the world.

What is Formula Student?

Formula SAE / Formula Student- series of universities and other higher education institutions compete with each other.

Competitions starting point is to measure the students' capacity to generate formula type racing car suitable for small production series.
In competitions not only the performance is measured, but also the comprehensive implementation of the project.
Competitions are separated into static and dynamic sections.
Racing Class began in 1981 , when the first Formula SAE competition was held in the United States. In 2010, the rules changed so that the internal combustion engine cars and also the electric car was able to take part in the competitions.
Today, in the series will compete more than 550 higher education institutions around the world. These electrical teams is slightly less than 100.


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